Ultimate Cat Scratch Posts | Tallest Cat Scratching Post Cat Tree for Full Stretch | Ideal Cat Scratcher Cat Tower WITH Soft Cosy Cat Bed Perch | Elegant Cat Furniture to Impress You and Your Cat


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Product Description

Beautiful stylish elegant cat tree cat furniture both you AND your cats will love!

At Art of Paws we pride ourselves on making not only our furry friends happy but also
their human companions. We have combined our cats favourite occupations with stylish designs
and high quality material resulting in beautiful Cat Scratch Posts humans will appreciate.

one of the tallest standing scratching posts you will ever find!
This height is important for our cats health and flexibility to really give them the opportunity to stretch and
extend as much as they feel they need to.

than sisal rope, more comfortable for cats to scratch as it is a continuous surface
and not bumpy like with sisal rope.
The material we use is not your usual cheap sisal rope,
which looks raggedy in no time or even uncoiling and falling off the post completely!

THE EXTRA FEATURE your cats will appreciate, after their stretching and scratching exercise,
is the cat bed perch at the top of the cat tower.
It has a soft wooly cushion for a cozy warm comfortable nap.
It is a particularly popular napping place if placed in front of a sunny window.

WE HAVE ALSO INCLUDED ENTERTAINMENT for your cats whilst you assemble the scratching post
in form of the packing box the scratching post arrives in.
Since it is possible to assemble the scratching post in under 10 minutes,
you will probably be done with the assembly, prepared and eaten dinner by the time your cats get bored of the Art of Paws packing box.
What can we say? We choose the most irresistible cardboard material.

Contact us with any questions or queries, we love hearing from you!


  • DURABLE CAT SCRATCH POSTS SISAL your cat will love scratching even more than your sofa! Get ready to impress your cats with this sisal fabric (NOT SISAL ROPE). This more expensive sisal variation lasts longer and in more enjoyable for your cats to sharpen their nails on. Not to mention that it looks sleek and elegant vs the fuzzy fluff-shedding alternatives.
  • EXTRA TALL cat scratching post at 90 cm / 35.5 inches height allowing your cat maximum stretch for their scratching sessions. It is beneficial for cats HEALTH AND FLEXIBILITY to be able to fully extend, stretching both their back and shoulder muscles.
  • COMES WITH A VIEW of their kingdom! Getting a manicure is hard work as you can imagine and that is why the comfy cushion cat bed perch on top of their manicure station will come in very handy when surveying their kingdom to ensure all is in order before taking a well deserved cat nap. NOTE: The happy purring sound is a feature not a bug!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY with a current record being held at just under 8 minutes. Granted we have had extensive practice assembling prior to setting the record as extensive testing was conducted, ensuring all of our cat tree scratching posts are up to scratch. *All tools required for assembly are INCLUDED*
  • FELINE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED for 12 times longer than the 30 day return Amazon offers. We stand behind our Art of Paws cat furniture, each one of them. Feel confident adding this elegant 2 in 1 cat scratcher cat tower and cat nap bed to your cart. SURPRISE BONUS!! We want you and your pet to reach Max Happy Level, so we’re sending you a fun Guide “HOW TO TEACH YOUR CAT THE HIGH FIVE TRICK” Ebook. Get in touch and let us know how it goes, we’d Love to hear from you xx Art of Paws
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