Montana Villa Casa 60 Aviary with Pitched Roof

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Product Description

A mobile aviary, suitable for finches and parakeets with entrance flap and acrylic spray protection, bar spacing 1.3 cm. With 4 double bowls with integrated perches. They demonstrate a fascination with and great love of animals. Constructed specifically with birds in mind, they have many superior features. The end product is a synthesis of innovation, beauty and an understanding of animals. Montana cages are made of the highest quality materials and every tiny detail is given careful consideration. A special locking system works on the two main doors to turn them into landing flaps. The aviary has separate food doors to easily fill up the 4 plastic double-bowls with integrated perches that are included in delivery. The removable debris guard and tray allow quick and easy cleaning. Sturdy 360° rotating caster wheels and an all-acrylic splash guard are included as standard accessories. The light green bars and the platinum grey metal sheets are well crafted and have a zinc-free AVILON powder coated finish that’s non-toxic and free from heavy metals like lead. The cage comes with all the necessary accessories to make this house a home for your pet. With acrylic spray protective plates to keep the surrounding area clean. Outer measurements minus the pitched roof 60 x 59.5 x 167 cm (L x W x H) Inner measurements 56 x 56 x 133 cm (L x W x H) Tray height: 3cm Weight 29kg Bars coated (AVILON) with an AVILON zinc and heavy metal-free powder Bar thickness: 2mm 2 main doors with a special locking bolt system for use as a landing flap (W 23.5cm x H 23cm) 4 side doors with a clamping system: 13.5 x 18 cm (W x H) Acrylic protective spray plates for clean surroundings Removable metal debris guard for easy cleaning A removable metal base tray: 55 x 57 x 3 cm (L x W x H) 2 wooden perches 4 plastic double bowls with integrated perches: 20.5 x 4.5 cm (W x H) The protective foil over the acrylic spray plate should be removed before moving your pet in to its new home.


  • A mobile indoor aviary with pitched roof (does not come with a flat roof)
  • Suitable For all finches and parakeets
  • 2 landing flaps: a special locking system for both main doors
  • With a full range of accessories
  • 360° rotating caster wheels: to easily move the aviary about
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