Milo & Misty Cat Tree with Scratching Arch features, Hide Platforms & Self Grooming Bristle Arch

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Product Description

All cats love to play, hide and scratch, so how about giving them their own play area with this super compact cat tree?

The Misty & Milo Cat Tree is designed to allow cats to express their natural curiosity in their own space. With lots of feline-friendly features, the cat tree is the perfect way to keep your furry friend entertained.

Compact in design, the cat tree is an ideal fit for snug spaces – especially flats and smaller homes. The multi-level tree provides platforms at different heights for cats to sit and play on. There’s a hide/tunnel that doubles up as an area for play time as well as a hidey-hole to snuggle up for a nap.

Your cat can stretch their back, keep their claws sharp and healthy – and your furniture safe from scratches – with the included sisal-covered scratching posts. Plus, with the bristle arch your cat can preen, clean – and scratch every itch. Designed to sooth you cat when they’re struggling to get those hard to reach areas, the bristle arch will groom and massage your cat whilst also removing loose and shedding fur – which can cause fur balls.

Made from robust MDF and covered in soft grey plush, this easy-to-assemble cat tree will give cats and owners endless hours of fun.

50 x 30 x 65cm


  • Multilevel cat tree with scratching posts and hide/tunnel for your cat to explore or take a nap
  • Superior quality – 2 scratching posts made of natural sisal for maintaining your cat’s claws
  • Includes bristle arch to help your cat groom itself and remove any loose hair, avoiding fur balls
  • Made from high quality MDF with soft grey faux fur covered platforms and cat hide
  • Product measurements: 50 x 30 x 65cm
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