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A large aviary for canaries, finches and groups of birds, featuring 8 doors, rolling feet and removable plastic floor trays for easy cleaning. This stylish aviary offers plentiful space.The Ferplast Planeta Bird Aviary offers the perfect haven for your birds, providing a spacious home for a range of different bird species. The aviary features 8 separate door openings, four at the front and two at each side, which allow great access to the cage. The Ferplast Planeta Bird Aviary also comes with an adorable birdbath that can be attached to the mesh. The removable floor tray allows for more thorough cleaning and helps prevent your birds from becoming stressed when the aviary is being cleaned. The four roller feet allow the aviary to be moved around with ease when necessary. This Ferplast Planeta Bird Aviary also comes with stands. Two water bottles, two bird swings, a holder for crackers and bird biscuits and nine perches, making this a heavenly and functional birdcage for your pets. A storage compartment underneath the aviary also allows space for storing accessories and feed. Bird cage for canaries, parakeets and other birds Large, spacious aviary: offering plenty of space to move around Eight door openings: allowing easy access to all areas of the cage Removable plastic floor tray for improved cleaning Complete with stands Four rollers for moving the aviary around when needed Small mesh spacing With plentiful storage opportunities Dimensions: Outer dimensions: 97 x 58 x 116.5 cm (L x W x H) Outer with stands: 173.5cm (H) Height of tray: 17cm Doors: Four front doors: 12.5 x 12.5 cm (W x H) Four side doors: 10 x 9.3 cm (W x H) Mesh: Metal with epoxy powder coating Mesh spacing: 9.8mm Mesh thickness: diameter 3mm – diameter 2mm – diameter 1.5mm Accessories included: 9 perches: 4 long and 5 short 2 feeding bowls 1 birdbath 2 drink bottles 2 bird swings 1 bowl for crackers 1 cracker holder 1 universal food holder 1 stand


  • Large bird Aviary suitable for Canaries, Parakeets or groups of birds
  • Various door openings 4 at the front, 2 each on the sides.
  • Bar spacing: 1 cm
  • cessories included: 9 x perches (straight/curved) 2 x bird baths (26 x 18 x 17 cm) 2 x feeding / water dishes Delivery includes stand and wheels
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